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Course Time!

Have you ever wanted to learn about Meditation and Mindfulness but not know where to start? Or, maybe, you're experienced meditator and have fallen out of practice or want to try a new technique? Have we got the course for you!

Join Sage Holistic OT and Guiding Love for Change in a Meditation course like no other. Every Sunday from Oct 1-Nov 5, we will be guiding you through various meditation and mindfulness techniques, designed to help you integrate Mindfulness into your life. Meditation and Mindfulness are evidence based tools to treat a variety of conditions, including pain, depression and anxiety. Run by an Occupational Therapist and Social Worker, this course will be therapeutic in nature and provide you with tools to continue with Meditation and Mindfulness even once the course is over.

Check out the poster with the weekly outline of the course . For more information or if you want to register, reach out to or 289-808-8955.

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